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Cargo Inspection

Cargo Inspection

Adroit has recently started the inspections, supervision and loading unloading of bulk-cargos. Adroit is engaged in this service to safe and secure loading and unloading of the bulk cargos and to ensure all the security measures before loading and unloading.

We carry out inspections, verifications and analyses of cargos, and certificates of Quantity & Quality for commodities, essential to international trade, & Pre insurance inspections for the underwriters. Specializing in Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and Petrochemical cargos, General Commodities we are able to offer a
service second to none, which includes

  • 1. Pre-Insurance Inspection of engineering goods, project cargo.
  • 2. Supervision of discharge/loading including tally and to instruct stevedores in utilization of proper gear and cargo handling to protect the cargo for loss minimization.
  • 3. Ensure proper storage of cargoes in port sheds bonded warehouses, supervise refilling/ standardization/
        reconstitution immediately on discharge/prior to loading.
  • 4. Check condition/weight and packing of cargo on delivery.
  • 5. Pre shipment inspection of refrigerated cargo, supervision of carting and loading of cargo.
  • 6. Inspection of manufacturing premises as regards to its suitability to manufacturing /packs the products.
  • 7. Drawing of samples at shipper's godowns/factories and certify them for transportation if they meet the contractual specifications. Certifying that all goods are weighed in conformity with standard procedures
        and accurately reported.
  • 8. Certification of various products (agro products, oils manufactured goods, minerals & ores) for their weight,
         volume and quality as per specifications; issuing certification of Origin

Adroit is providing such services to a number of insurance underwriters along with Reliance Industries

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