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Project Management & Realtor Services

Project Management

We provide our clients the complete solution of project management, from concept to commissioning to
handling over of the same for the immediate use. Our wide range of services includes:

  • 1. Pre-Construction-Design
  • 2. Pre-Construction-Design, Estimating, Tendering & Costing
  • 3. Analysis of quotations and negotiation with the vendors.
  • 4. Finalization of architects and consultations and coordinate with them.
  • 5. Preparation of cash/fund Flow, cost analysis and cost monitoring
  • 6. Monitoring of project activities including planning & execution
  • 7. Development and implementing process, controlling quality, cost, time and fund
  • 8. Monitoring of the construction activities
  • 9. Moving-in Stage
  • 10.Post Move-In Stage

Realtor Services

Adroit is a reputed developer of residential properties in Ghaziabad area. Dedicatedly involved with the
development of residential property in Ghaziabad region of NCR, Adroit has to its credit the development
of affordable homes meeting to the needs of our esteemed customers. We can offer single service delivery
or tailor-made solutions to meet precise customer needs

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