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Real Estate

Real Estate

The increasing depth of the Indian Real Estate Industry and growing interest in new instruments, calls for specialized and professional valuation services to assess/understand the impact of Real Estate on financial decisions in addition to fulfilling statutory requirements. Accurate and reliable valuations are critical for the success of every Real Estate Investment. Hence, the Valuation & Advisory Division (VAD) of Adroit has been at the forefront in providing specialized and professional valuation services customized to the needs of Private and Public Sector Clients. Ourclients include a number of Multinational, Private and Public Sector Banks, Financial Institutions, NBFs, SMEs, Blue Chip Corporate, Govt. Entities, Private Investors, PEs and Institutional Investors.

Our team of senior valuers is all certified registered valuers. Sapient is able to ensure complete confidentiality to all clients and abide by a code of Professional practice, Ethics and Rules of Conduct. Valuations undertaken by us are regularly accepted by India’s major financial institutions

Services Include: Our wide range of services includes:

• Single Asset Valuation
• Portfolio Valuation
• Market Analysis
• Market Feasibility Study
• Appraisal Review
• Lease and Cost Analysis
• Insurance Valuation
• Litigation, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Support
• Arbitration and Consultation
• Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
• Plant, Machinery and Equipment Valuation

Valuation and Advisory services are provided across a wide array of real estate asset types:

  • 1. Vacant land parcels
  • 2. Land and built-up premises zoned for residential,commercial,hospitality,retail & entertainment, mixed-use etc.
  • 3.Development projects such as industrial estates, residential townships, integrated townships, IT/ science/ biotech parks, apparel parks, special economic zones, etc.
  • Special-use products such as golf resorts, health spas, etc.

We provide following valuation services

1. Project Appraisals/Valuations/ Construction Finance

We conduct developer project valuation & technical assessment of Retail Residential Developer Group Housing Projects and conducting additional or subsequent technical verification directly or coordinate the same through third party We /verifiers wherever required by client during the underwriting or claims verification processes covering all the aspects, approvals, sanctions, marketability, risk etc.

We furthermore conduct the periodic subsequent visit of developer projects and provide online periodic progress in addition to the detailed project appraisal.

2. Valuation (Retail/ Wholesale/Large Corporate/SME/BBG/CBOG etc.)

Onsite Valuation
Drive by Valuation
Reference Valuation

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